Did Coldplay Steal “Viva La Vida” Melody From Obsure NY Band?

Posted by Jillian Madison on June 17, 2008

New York indie-pop band Creaky Boards recently released a You-Tube video accusing Coldplay of stealing the melody of “Viva La Vida” from one of their songs called “The Songs I Didn’t Write” (allegedly written in March, 2007.) In the video, The Creaky Boards even pinpointed the exact moment the song was stolen… (drumroll please)… they purported to have seen Chris Martin in the audience when they performed “The Songs I Didn’t Write” at the CMJ Music Festival in October, 2007. And guess what? Chris seemed into it! I’m so sure.

Fine. Perhaps the songs do sound a little bit similar, but there’s one major difference: The Creaky Boards song sucks – and the Coldplay song does not. “Viva La Vida” is currently second on the iTunes Download Charts. And what position is “The Songs I Didn’t Write?” (crickets chirping)

The video for “The Songs I Didn’t Write” looks like it was filmed in 1972. Hi, mutton chops much? And what’s with his dirty looking porn mustache?! To make matters worse, the Creaky Boards lead singer, Andrew Hoepfner, just sounds creepy. At one point in his YouTube video, he invites Chris Martin to his bedroom so they can, uh, “use microphones.” Yeah, Andy. I’m sure Chris will be at your door any minute with a few six-packs and a smile.

Here’s the YouTube video. Decide amongst yourselves.

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