Joan Rivers, Loose Women, and The F-Word. Oh My!

Posted by Jillian Madison on June 18, 2008

Comedienne, QVC personality, and plastic surgery guru Joan Rivers was forcibly thrown off the set of the British talk show “Loose Women” on Tuesday, after calling actor Russell Crowe a “f*cking sh*t” on live television. When Rivers was asked if she enjoyed meeting and greeting celebrities on the red carpet, she replied, “When they’re nice. You get someone like Russell Crowe, and you want to say to the camera, he is a piece of … get ready to bleep this … f*cking sh*t.” Ouch! Kiss your surgeon with that mouth?

For the next several seconds, the “Loose Women” hosts just stared at each other – nervously putting their hands over their mouths and giggling like they were guest judges on “Iron Chef.” Finally, after what felt like an awkward eternity, host Jackie Brambles apologized to the viewers for Joan’s outburst and the show cut away to a commercial break shortly thereafter.

Rivers was supposed to return to the show after the break, but instead, was thrown out of the studio. In a statement, Rivers said, “I have won an Emmy, been nominated for a Tony award, done every show, and become an icon. When people ask me what is left in my career I have always said I don’t know – but I have never been forcibly thrown out of a TV studio. It is another milestone.”

75-year old Rivers, who was on the British gab-fest promoting her autobiographical play Joan Rivers: A Work In Progress, said she thought the show was on a 7-second delay, and that the producers would have time to “bleep” her curse words. However, an ITV network spokeswoman said, “Guests are always briefed that it is a live daytime show and are reminded not to swear or use inappropriate language.” In fact, ITV received a whopping 48 complaints.

If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, you can watch the video clip here. Personally, I’d like to know just what the hell Russell Crowe ever did to to Joan Rivers?! Insult her lipstick shade? Make fun of her wig? Bygones. One thing’s for sure: whoever ironed Joan’s face before the interview sure did a wonderful job.

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