Jillian Michaels Designing Fitness Bootcamp Game For Wii Fit

Posted by Jillian Madison on June 18, 2008

Sir yes sir! Personal trainer Jillian Michaels, best known for kicking ass and taking names on “The Biggest Loser,” is currently developing a fitness bootcamp game for the Nintendo Wii Fit. The game, cleverly titled Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009, will be in stores later this year.

(No, we’re not sure what the “ultimatum” part is referring to, either. Lose weight… or Caroline Rhea will show up at your doorstep and eat everything in your fridge! The horror!)

If you can get past Michaels’ constant eye-squinting and cheesy crooked grins, the game actually sounds promising. You start off as a new recruit in Jillian’s boot camp, and use the Wii Remote and the Wii Balance Board to complete activities like crossing monkeybars, rowing, and climbing ladders. Much like the original Wii Fit game, players will be able to choose from four workout types – Weight Loss, Strength Training, Intervals and Hill Climb – and set the intensity to light, medium or hard for a duration between 10 and 60 minutes. The game will also track your progress, and will include a competitive “party mode” so players can race against each other.

Ah yes. I can already hear the weekend conversations that will be taking place on college campuses across America: “Dude, Jillian Michaels likes me better, and I climbed longer than you. You’re buying the beer.” Oh who am I kidding. Only the math club waits ’til the weekend to drink. Bygones.

Michaels issued the following formal statement about the game: “I truly think this type of product will be instrumental in revolutionizing the fitness industry and will help combat the childhood obesity epidemic in this country.” Sure it’s a start, but until game developers and/or Nancy Reagan can make kids “Just Say No” to Big Gulps and Devil Dogs, I’m afraid childhood obesity is here to stay.

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