10 Party Pics Featuring Photoshopped Celebs

Posted by Jillian Madison on February 27, 2012

Imgur user Everett Hiller has come up with the coolest idea. He took pictures from his Christmas Party and Photoshopped celebrities into them. He took his party from everyday to epic with a few choice swipes of the mouse and gave his party star power without having to pay a five-to-six digit appearance fee. Here are ten of our faves. Be sure to check out the rest here!

cQaBe - ImgurZzuzX - Imgur

Zmm2g - Imgur

8IJB6 - Imgur

NJOza - Imgur5vK9m - Imgur

rGcBy - Imgur

NszqL - Imgur

RsSHE - ImgurxNRZX - Imgur

If you guys want to try this out and Photoshop your own celebrities into your party pics, send them to us, and we’ll do a post with the best! (Assuming we get any entries)

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