What in the hell happened to Carson Daly?

Posted by Jillian Madison on December 10, 2008

I don’t watch Last Call with Carson Daly. I haven’t seen a photo of him in ages. So when I recall Carson Daly’s face in my mind, it looks something like this:

I was peacefully browsing the internet tonight when I stumbled upon these shocking, more recent photos of Carson Daly. What in the hell happened to this man over the past 3 years?!

People around here are telling me this is not a new development, and that he’s been looking like an anorexic new 90210 castmember for awhile now. WTF? I’m literally shocked right now. He looks like a completely different person. He looks plastic. He looks wax-y. He looks like a miniature Dick Clark. Somebody give him a cheeseburger! And then wrestle the self tanning cream out of his cold, bony hands before it’s too late.

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