Rihanna’s Birthday Cake Dance Moves (3 Gifs)

Posted by Earnest on May 7, 2012

Rihanna appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend and performed her new single, Birthday Cake. If you haven’t heard it, it’s a light-hearted jaunt featuring clever wordplay in which Rihanna refers to her vagina as birthday cake… minus the light-heartedness, jauntiness, and clever wordplay.

Her dance moves were as smooth and subtle as the song, so we wanted to break them down for you in case you’d like to perform them on your own time for fun or profit.


The “Single Entendre”

This is a basic dance move that any woman can pull off as long as she’s making an unsubtle reference to her lady bits, such as referring to her stuff as “Birthday Cake.”

Rihanna Birthday Cake SNL (Live) HD - YouTube_1

The “I’m Talking About My Vagina”

When the “Single Entendre” proves to be too difficult for your audience to understand, you can move to this intermediate move, which makes clearer the fact that you are talking about your reproductive tools.

Rihanna Birthday Cake SNL (Live) HD - YouTube_2

The “I’ve Stretch This Metaphor Too Far”

When the “I’m Talking About My Vagina” proves too be too esoteric for your audience to understand, all that remains at your disposal is this advanced move. By outlining the area around your vagina to the beat, you make very clear that you are, in fact, talking about your vajayjay and not birthday cake. This move is also called the “Seriously?!?!”

Rihanna Birthday Cake SNL (Live) HD - YouTube

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