The Best Of Pophangover August 27 – Sept 2

Posted by Earnest on September 3, 2012


 ”OOOOOoooooOOOOOooobama!” posted to our Facebook Page


Here are some of the best posts on Pophangover from the past week.

The Story of the “Hey Girls, Did You Know?” Meme – Pophangover

Bad-Ass Ewok Costume – Parent Fails

10 Funny Reactions To Clint Eastwood’s Talking To A Chair – Pophangover

The Kuntz-Dick Wedding – Awkward Names

Weird Sex Patents From The US Patent Office – Pophangover

Snowman by SydlingDrawsome/Not Drawsome

The Worst Socks Ever – The Worst Stuff Ever

The Fifteen Funniest Autocorrects Of August – Damn You, Autocorrect!

Why Is This Post-It Note So Hard? – Work LOLs

Sluuuurp! – Not Your Best Day

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