PRETTY IN PINK: The Video Game!?

Posted by Jillian Madison on July 23, 2008

Paramount Pictures is teaming up with Legacy Interactive to bring us three new video games: CLUELESS, MEAN GIRLS, and PRETTY IN PINK. Finally! Given the opportunity live vicariously through Lindsay Lohan and be a bitch to unsuspecting high school students in a virtual world, my life would be complete!

Seriously though, may I be the amongst first to say: GIVEMEABREAK. These games are going to flop harder than a freshly caught halibut on Deadliest Catch. The majority of video game players are guys, and they obviously wouldn’t go near this crap with a 10-foot wiimote. And neither will the 6 year old girls they will be marketing to. Little girls don’t know, or CARE, who Molly Ringwald is. To them, “ducky” is something you giggle at in the bathtub and hair that shade of red is reserved for the clowns in their nightmares. I rest my case.

What’s next? Golden Girls: The Video Game? Take on the role of Bea Arthur as she makes fun of people, shops for bedazzled dresses, and gets her hair blown out! You get to decide the cut and color! Hours of fun!

There was no mention about the platform, but they did use the word “casual” which makes me think it will join the weak Nintendo line-up.


In Clueless: The Game, the player takes on the part of Cher trying to find the perfect boyfriends for all her pals. Players will need to figure out what kind of guy their friends want by noticing what clothes these potential suitors wear and what sort of interests they have. Once Cher knows what they want, she will have to pick out the right elements to make the perfect man for them. Players will have to be quick! Love waits for no one!

Mean Girls: High School Showdown, allows players to take on the role of a student trying to restore balance to the many cliques in their high school and to end the reign of the terrible “Plastic clique,” the prettiest girls and the meanest of the mean. To do this, players will need to unite the cliques by using a few tricks of their own. Players can choose to take the high road by using kind words and revealing important truths at the right time, or use the Plastic’s own evil tricks against them, by using rumors, pranks and put downs. A mix of both might go a long way, too!

The classic 80’s hit movie, Pretty in Pink, is known as a movie that defined a generation, and now players will have the chance to relive the story in an all-new entertaining game format. Through a series of beautifully rendered scenes, players will need to solve a variety of fun and challenging visual puzzles in order to experience the memorable story about love, friendship, the clash of social cliques and how to rise above them. Andie, Duckie, Blane, and the rest of the unforgettable characters from both “the wrong side of the tracks” and not, return to play out the romantic fairytale love story, but this time with a dramatic difference… their fate will be put in the hands of the player.

“Paramount is focused on creating quality interactive entertainment based on evergreen motion pictures. With these games, we will not only reach the core casual games audience, but engage new audiences with our properties,” said Sandi Isaacs, Senior Vice President, Interactive & Mobile, Paramount Digital Entertainment. “We are confident that our collaboration with Legacy Interactive will be a great success.”
“Legacy Interactive’s vision for these fan favorite films is one that seamlessly takes each story into the gaming world,” said Ariella Lehrer, President and CEO of Legacy Interactive. “Our goal in collaborating with Paramount Digital Entertainment is to create games that longtime fans of the films will appreciate, but also games that challenge and entertain the casual gamer.”

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