The Ultimate Hocus Pocus Drinking Game

Posted by Georgie on October 3, 2014


“Come little children, I’ll get thee shitfaced…”


I love Hocus Pocus.  You love Hocus Pocus.  So what better way to honor our favorite Halloween movie than to play The Ultimate Hocus Pocus Drinking Game?!


Read all of the Rules and be aware of them throughout the entire movie, as most will occur more than once.


**Also, I say “take a shot,” but just take a swig of a mixed drink or a beer--unless you wish the fate of the Sanderson Sisters upon your liver by the end of the movie… 



Here are the Rules:


1. If You thought his name was “Zachary Binx” and not “Thackary Binx” as a child, take a shot.




2. Anytime Binx emotionally says his sister’s name, “Emily,” take a shot.



3. Anytime ANYONE says the word “Virgin,” TAKE A SHOT.  If you are a virgin, you have to light a candle, kiss the person on your left, and then take a shot.



4. Anytime “Boooooooook” opens its eyes, take a shot.




5. Anytime the Sanderson Sisters get upset for being called ugly or old, take a shot.




6. Anytime Max says a line to Allison that is actually pretty smooth, take a shot.



7. Anytime you see Ernie’s “ICE” shaved head, take a shot.




8. Anytime Thora Birch says the word “Yabbos” or cries, take a shot.




9. Anytime Binx says something sarcastic, take a shot.




10. Anytime Billy loses a body part, take a shot.




11. Anytime Sarah (Jessica Parker) makes it clear she wants to have sex with someone, take a shot.



12. And when this moment makes you choke up and hold back tears…you take that shot and be a brave little girl for Binx, okay?! *Weeps*




I have a feeling that taking a shot every time someone says the word “virgin” will be enough to drown your liver alone.


If you have any rules you’d like to add to The Hocus Pocus drinking game, leave them in the comments below!!!!!



Have a Happy Halloween, CHILDREN!



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