N I M A- Bodyshots [Official Video]

Posted by Georgie on November 1, 2012

 We here at the Pophangover offices are having an argument as to whether N I M A is America’s answer to PSY or not.  Watch this video and then read our argument for/against this notion, and then let us know who you agree with in the comments below!

Here is Earnest’s argument, that he IS the American PSY:

  • Name. Both guys have one-word names that sound like they’re the brand names for whatever robots we’re going to be buying for our homes in 10 years. “I’m so sick of you NIMA fanboys. You just can’t admit that the PSY has better software.”
  • Age. If either of these guys were on X-Factor, they’d be in the over 25 category, and you wouldn’t say it out loud, but you’d know they wouldn’t stand a chance against the hot girl with the big voice.
  • Booty. They both have at least one shot in their videos where they unabashedly stare at a girl’s butt. Though to be fair, that’s probably 82% of music videos.
  • Style. NIMA’s attire doesn’t hold a candle to PSY’s, but he rocks his American Apparel, Uncle Hipster look with all the confidence that Psy brings to his 70’s-prom-meets James Bond look.
  • Catchiness. When you start Nima’s video, you expect the song to suck, just like when you started watching PSY’s, and as with PSY’s song, you’re humming along to it by the end. You just give in and let it wash all over you, and you’re all the happier for it.

Here is Georgie’s argument, that he is NOT America’s PSY:

  • PSY is a Korean national treasure.   N I M A is not.
  •  The video for Gangnam Style is humorous, strange, and surprising.  It inspired the ENTIRE WORLD to dance Gangnam Style.  This video is mostly awkward.  And no one wants to be inspired to do a bodyshot unless they are a freshman at a frat party.
  • Gangnam Style is about an entire way of life that is luxurious and plentiful.  Bodyshots is about…bodyshots.


BUT WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? Let us know in the comments below!



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