Ashton Kutcher is Playing Steve Jobs

Posted by Georgie on December 4, 2012

What do you think?


Here’s our evaluation:

1. Real Steve Jobs has more of a “come hither look in his eyes,” whereas Ashton has more of a “I LIKE MONEY A LOT BUT WANT OUT OF TWO AND A HALF MEN” look in his eyes.

2. If you’ve seen The Butterfly Effect, then you KNOW Ashton Kutcher is a better actor than anyone, especially Steve Jobs.

3. That watch is all wrong, Ashton’s costume designer.  Looks nothing like the one in the original picture.  Seriously, you couldn’t find a gold watch anywhere?

4.  Ashton is not wearing any shoes in this picture.  We can’t see Steve Jobs’ feet.  Who assumed Steve Jobs was just wearing socks in that picture? He’s in an office.  He’s a very intelligent, and powerful man.  I’m sure he would be wearing shoes if his picture was being taken.

5. I just love that the guy playing Steve Jobs in a bio pic is this guy:



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