MARY CARILLO: Is she a lesbian or what?

Posted by Jillian Madison on August 14, 2008

Mary Carillo, former tennis player and mixed doubles partner to John McEnroe, is currently a 2008 Summer Olympics correspondent for NBC. She’s supposed to be there to provide light hearted “slice of life” pieces about China. Instead, she’s been delivering awkward, cringe-inducing segments that make me embarrassed to (possibly) share a gender with her.



Three nights ago, she asked a renowned scientist if he ever considered feeding his panda a “Whitman’s Sampler” to get him in the mood to reproduce. Uncomfortable SILENCE filled the air. Then, two nights ago, she asked an engineer at the Three Gorges Dam if “beavers” had anything to do with building dam. And last night, she actually started singing “I’m a little teapot short and stout” while drinking tea in a restaurant. These “light hearted” spots all but scream, “Hey America, look at how weird these Chinese people are!”



Yes, she’s annoying. But the burning question on everyone’s mind is… IS MARY CARILLO A LESBIAN? Is she gay? The husky voice. The pant suits. The athletic background. The corny jokes. The whole “living with Martina Navratilova” deal. Her apartment in Greenwich Village. Bawling uncontrollably as Billie Jean King talked about coming out to her parents. Coining the phrase “Big Babe Tennis.” The unnecessary usage of the word “beaver.” The willingness to eat scorpion off a stick in China. All the signs point to yes… Mary Carillo is a big lez. She has to be. My good friend Blake confirmed it, and her gaydar is never, ever wrong.



Carillo was married, but got divorced. She had two children with her ex-husband Bill (also a tennis player). An anonymous blog commenter claims Carillo is living in Naples, Florida with her female partner, who was the producer of the HBO Billie Jean King documentary.



Should you still find yourself questioning her sexuality, check out this video of Mary Carillo talking about badminton. It was aired in the middle of the night during the 2004 Athens Olympics. What starts as a normal description about the game turns into a totally LESBIONIC, full-on rant about how backyard badminton is *really* played.



And just for fun, try to count how many times she says “OKAY.” I got 482.



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