What Kind of Drunk Are You?

Posted by Georgie on April 23, 2014

Look through your drunken Facebook pictures, and match your (usual) “Drunk Face” to one of these Celebrity “Drunk Faces.”  This will tell you what kind of drunk you are!  It’s so easy, even a drunk person could do it…


“Happy Drunk”

 ”Brooding Drunk”

 “Hot Mess Drunk”

 “Angry Drunk”

Sad Drunk”

 “IfYaKnowWhatIMean Drunk”

 ”Bro Drunk”

 ”Sexy Drunk”

 “I’m a Comedian Drunk”

 ”Trust Me, I’m Not Drunk Drunk”

“British Drunk Type 1″

 ”British Drunk Type 2″

I Consistently Want to Break Up With My Boyfriend Drunk”

 ”I Hit On Interns Drunk”

 ”I Can Haz Cheezburger Drunk”

 ”Moo I’m a Cow Drunk”

 ”I Want My Mommy Drunk”

 “Hot Dad Drunk”

 “I’m Never Drinking Again Drunk”



Let’s face it…we all want to be British Drunk Type 2.

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