10 Obscure Romantic Gestures Every Guy Should Do

Posted by Georgie on February 9, 2014

Just a reminder of these 10 Obscure Romantic Gestures, in time for you to look like a baller come Valentine’s Day…



1. Write a note.  Bitches love notes.  But not just any note.  This note:




2. Buy your lover Nutella Squeeze, and tell her it’s because she’s “your main squeeze.”  Bitches love Nutella.






3. Dedicate a song to them during a night of Karaoke.  Bitches love dedications.  But not just any song–this song:





4. Get a ukelele, and learn how to play it so you can recreate this montage.  Minus the crying.  Bitches love montages. And we definitely love Ryan Gosling.





5. Write her a hand-written letter,  in the style of an adorable little kid with a first crush.  Bitches love adorable kid letters.





6. Bake her some homemade fortune cookies and write your own adorable fortunes in them.  Bitches love fortunes.  And we definitely love cookies.  Get dat sweet recipe here.





7. Yo, have a date night “in” with her, but make it a jazzy 1920s date  like yo name is Gatsby.  Bitches love the 1920s.




8. Be really freaking adorable and do a photo shoot with a puppy, and then give her those prints.  Bitches love puppies. If you really love her, yo turn those pics into a personalized calender.  We love knowing what day of the week it is.





9. When she’s sick, come over and put on some Disney movies.  When she’s healthy, come over and put on some Disney movies.  Bitches Everybody loves Disney movies.





10. Do something embarrassing in the middle of the grocery store, like start dancing crazy in the produce aisle just to make her laugh.  Bitches love feeling like you’d embarrass yourself just to make us laugh.





There you have it.  That’s how to make a woman swoon in 2014.  And bitches love swooning.  And if none of that works…



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