A Beyonce Fan Goes Full Derp at Her Concert

Posted by Georgie on January 28, 2013

Picture this moment (as you have so many times in the shower before): You’re at the concert of your favorite artist.  You know all of the lyrics, all of the bridges, all of the notes to all of their songs.  You’ve repeatedly belted them all out into your hair brush for years.  So naturally, you are singing your heart out, along with the thousands of fans.  It is a religious experience (and you’re not even religious.)

Suddenly, your idol grazes past the crowd and stops at you.  Naturally you offer yourself up as a sacrifice to their godliness on the spot, your heart racing, your eyes making eye contact with them like you’ve been chosen.  BUT ALAS! They do not accept your offering of your life!  HARK! What is this magic?! They pass their MICROPHONE TO YOU. THEY PASS YOU THEIR MICROPHONE IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR SONG, BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO FINISH THE NOTE. LIKE YOU ARE SINGING A DUET. THIS. IS. YOUR. MOMENT.

And this is exactly what happens:

THAT WAS HER RUDY MOMENT. And it was…I have no words.  Just this:

Even B is in awe…

Thank you.  Whoever you are, woman.  Thank you.


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