Yeah Flashback! Remembers When MJ Was Cool (10 pics)

Posted by Earnest on February 7, 2013

When we saw Li’l Kim’s new face, we couldn’t help but draw parallels to Michael Jackson, but then that reminded us of the pictures we’d seen of an utterly normal floating around. Not only does he look normal, but he really seems like someone you’d want to hang out with—even if he didn’t have an amusement park. Check this dude out!


MJ, hanging out with Steven Tyler when Steven Tyler still looked normal, too.


With Lionel Ritchie at Studio 54. Clubbin’.


MJ, just hanging out with Woody Allen at Studio 54.


On the Subway. Who’s that evil-looking dude in the left side of the frame?


Hanging out with Brooke Shields and Webster, and just teetering on the edge of a little too weird.


Big pimpin’ 70’s style.


Looking a little Sideshow Bob-ish.

Michael Jackson  Freddie Mercury FreddieMichael

MJ and Freddie Mercury. Queen and King of Pop.

MJ & Jane Fonda_jpg

Crack open a milk, homie!


Just hanging out with Stevie Wonder, that’s all. (Someone just tell Stevie that MJ is behind him.)

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