Celeb News: They Did Whaaa?

Posted by Georgie on February 20, 2013

Nicolas Cage recently bought a 9ft tall pyramid tomb for himself in a cemetery in New Orleans. When asked if this purchase was to ward off accusations that he is an immortal Civil-War Era vampire, Cage insisted that this was not the case, and that the tomb simply looked like “a peaceful final resting place that would also probably be good PR for the National Treasure franchise.” 


Miley Cyrus was caught smoking a joint in a picture uploaded to Instagram. The picture is already more successful than Miley’s last two movies.  Miley claimed the picture floating around Instagram of someone allegedly smoking pot isn’t her. So go ahead and add pot to the long list of things Miley isn’t doing: Movies, TV, music…


In her promo for her new reality show (coming to your nightmares everywhere soon), Ke$ha fellates a cannoli and then baby birds it from her mouth into the mouth of a guy from her entourage. The guy later admitted it was most he’d ever enjoyed anything that had come out of her mouth.

You can watch the full horrific promo here.


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