6 Things You Did In Middle School In The Name Of Love (Boys’ Version)

Posted by Georgie on February 26, 2013

1. You pretended to like the movie Grease, because the girl you were in love with knew all the words.

2. You got the Jonathan Taylor Thomas haircut, because he was the babe of the century at the time and all the girls wanted him.

3. You had your mom drop you off at the mall, even though you had no money, just because you overheard her talking to her friends about going on Friday. 

4. You signed up for Football Camp, even though you had no athletic abilities, just because Cheerleaders.

5. You signed up for Cheerleader Camp, even though your friends called you a p****, just because Cheerleaders.

6. You listened to this song in your room every night, because it understood your angsty pre-teen desires like nothing else.

What did YOU (actually) do in the name of love in middle school? Let us know in the comments below!

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