The “Mick Jagger Lips” Drinking Game

Posted by Georgie on March 8, 2013

This is the easiest Drinking Game you will ever play. (Inspired by the “Moustache Drinking Game.”)

Here are the steps:

1. Google pictures of “Mick Jaggers Lips.”

Here are some of the results you will find…

2. Choose the lips you think are funniest, or most supple or have the most attitude, and choose the style of lips that reflects what kind of drunk you are:

Funny lips–”Happy drunk”

Supple lips– “Flirty drunk”

Angry lips– “Angry drunk”

3. Print out the picture of the lips that best reflects your drunk personality, and then cut out only the lips.

4. Next, tape the lips to your TV (or whatever device you watch movies on), somewhere where people are usually talking.

5. Put on a movie or show of your liking.

6. Every time Mick Jagger’s lips line up perfectly with the person speaking in the film, take a drink.

Here is an example of a successful Jagger Lips Line Up:


“You can’t always get what you want, but you can drink.  And that’s sometimes good enough.” -Mick Jagger*



*Not an actual Mick Jagger quote, but it might as well be.



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