Pophangover’s Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Game

Posted by Georgie on March 15, 2017

This post was originally published in 2014. But we resurrected it — because it’s awesome!
It’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!  As I am half-Irish, I am very excited about this weekend and the glorious new drinking game I’m about to bestow on you all.  Now, the only real rule is to have a drink at the ready at all times! (Unless you’re driving , of course!)


This St. Patrick’s Day…



1. Every time you see someone wearing a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” T-shirt, TAKE A DRINK!




2. Every time someone posts a picture of an animal wearing Irish clothing on Facebook, take a drink.



4. Every time you can’t remember where you put your keys before you go out, TAKE A DRINK!





5. Every time your significant other insists, “I’m fine,” (when they’re clearly not), TAKE A DRINK!





5. Every time someone drunk texts you with the obvious intention of wanting to hook up, TAKE A DRINK!





6. Every time a sexy stranger makes eye contact with you at the bar, TAKE A DRINK!




7. Every time someone uses the word, “like” while talking, TAKE A DRINK! (*this would kill you, don’t actually do it*)





7. Every time one of your friends starts to talk about politics while you’re out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, THROW A DRINK IN THEIR FACE!





8. Every time you stop for a moment, look around you, and ask yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” TAKE A DRINK!





9. When you realize you can’t name any more famous Irish people after Colin Farrell without using google to help, TAKE A DRINK!





9.5. Every time you use Google at a bar, TAKE A DRINK!




10. Every time you ‘dance like no one’s watching,’ TAKE A DRINK!





11. Every time you ‘sing like no one’s listening,‘ TAKE A DRINK!





12. When you feels as if you’ve ‘lived today as if it were your last,’ (because you’ve been drinking so much all day that you feel like you might actually die), TAKE A DRINK! 



Basically, ANYTHING CAN BE A REASON TO DRINK ON ST. PATRICK’S DAY! So write your own rules!



This gif is you, this weekend. Godspeed.

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