They Did Whaaa? Celeb News Roundup! 3/18/2013

Posted by Georgie on March 18, 2013


Taylor Swift basically confessed that the song, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” was about her ex, Harry Styles. Oh fine, whatever. That’s not what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about this comment she made, when the reporter addressed a rumor that Swift has a trunk of mementos from past relationships

“Yeah, I read that, and it creeped. Me. Out…,” she said.  “When I click on one of those blogs, it makes me feel as if the next article is going to say that I also have a coffin and conduct nightly séances. Like, it creeps me out that people would write that, and that a proportion of them would believe it.”

Oh, COME ON, Taylor Swift.  You honestly expect us to believe that you are not a witch from Salem circa the 1600s, who is in turn a reincarnation of the mythological creature know as the Siren circa Greek Mythology?  I would just like you to embrace who you are, and start singing about sucking men’s souls out like a dementor and drinking unicorn blood to keep your hair perfectly blonde and shiny.  Not only would I BUY that album, I would work out to it. #GirlPower

Full article from E! here.

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to go to rehab chill the f*ck out for 90 days.

In the most un-shocking news of my life, Lindsay Lohan evaded jail time (again), and instead has been ordered to hang out, smoke cigarettes, and reflect on why Justin Bieber was offended by people who compared him to her in a negative way, for 90 days.

Yeah, fine. But what really matters is someone threw a bunch of glitter at her (aka: “Glitter Bombed” her–because apparently that’s a thing) as she walked into court 45 minutes late…

It looks like she’s smiling, but that’s just because wouldn’t you be smiling if someone just threw a bunch of gold glitter at you right before you might get sentenced to jail? No? Bad timing? #TooSoon?

Read the full article from People here.

Anne Hathaway wore a really large beanie. I know, I know. This isn’t even “news,” you say… But I beg to differ.  I mean look at how ridiculously large and silly this beanie is…


Anne Hathaway is definitely hiding secrets under that beanie.  Either that or she was hoping for some “privacy” from the paparazzi, which she clearly did not get.

You can run, but you can’t hide your universally recognizable features (like big ol’ party lips) under giant glasses and hats.  So just run.

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