They Did Whaaaa? Celeb News Roundup 3-27-2013

Posted by Earnest on March 27, 2013

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Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen has given her 100,000 bucks to cover her taxes, a ball gown, and a guest spot on Anger Management to which she can only be bothered to be on time half the time, and he hasn’t even gotten an offer from her. I’m not saying she should put out for Charlie Sheen, but I’m sure he’d feel it an honor just to be nominated.


  • People are complaining about Tiger Woods’ new Nike ad that says Winning Takes Care Of Everything.



The only way to quell this fire is going to be for Nike to be more specific and change it to “Winning Takes Care Of Enticing Attractive Women To Sleep With You And Helping People Forget About Your Character Flaws. So Not Everything.



Bynes Report: Checking in with Amanda Bynes…. Nothing new to report today. This is just the calm before the storm, but remember… when there’s Breaking Bynes happening, we’ll be there.


According to Rolling Stone, John Hamm is tired of people talking about his crotch. His crotch on the other hand can never get enough attention. It’s really getting a big head.


And back to James Franco


Rapper Riff Raff wants to battle James Franco for his rapper identity, which is just way too existential for me to even think about. He claims Franco stole his persona and used it in the movie, Spring Breakers. What if you had to fight for your identity? Who would you have to fight? Let us know in the comments!  Personally, I would have to fight Donald Glover. He’s been stealing my charming, funny black geek style for a number of years now, and frankly, I hate that he’s been able to get so much more mileage out of it.


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