13 Signs You’re in Your 20s…

Posted by Georgie on August 22, 2014

Congratulations, you’re in your 20s!  You no longer have the insecurities you had in your teen years, and yet you still don’t have your shit together enough to be considered a full-fledged adult woman!  Being a woman in your twenties is completely amazing, and you should be loving every wine-bingeing minute of it!




1. You don’t immediately look up someone’s astrological sign to see if you’d be compatible in a relationship when said someone asks you out. 



Instead, you just go out with them and get to know them as a person, and then after they disappoint you you realize that Sagittarius/Pisces would have never worked.




2. You don’t pretend you’ve seen a movie you’ve never seen before, just so that your date doesn’t think you’re a total idiot for never having seen The Godfather.



Instead, you come clean in a way that will shut them up about it: “I know, I’m insane, right?!  I’m the worst person ever!  Like, someone put me out of my misery and just shoot me in the spleen–I clearly haven’t LIVED, nor am I even HUMAN, because I’ve never seen Magnolia!!!”




3. You don’t pretend to hate that catchy Top 40 song because it’s not “cool” to like pop music.



Instead, you rock out to it privately in your car, and when someone asks you what kind of music you like, you list your favorite indie bands and forget to mention that all that’s stuck in your head these days is that annoying/catchy as shit “Shower” song by Becky G.





4. You don’t assume someone is probably “The One” based on a mutual love for Arrested Development and Mexican Food.



Instead, you recognize this as a promising start and try to get into whatever else they are into.  Ex:Video games?  Oh, I love them!  Golden Eye is still happening, right?”




5. You have olive oil in your kitchen at all times.  Eventually you might get some spices, but for now it’s pretty grown up of you to have olive oil and ketchup around.


You have those priorities UNDER CONTROL.




6. You have 20% more patience for your mum’s nagging, because you know it comes from a place of love and you are grateful for that.


It all comes from a special place deep, deep in her heart.




7. You get why George Clooney and Robert Downey Jr. are the sexiest men alive.  In fact, you realize that men get better looking with age and confidence.






8. You don’t pretend that your favorite books are the classics you were forced to read in High School– You have favorite books that no one forced you to read! 



But you can still like The Sun Also Rises as an adult…how did they expect you to appreciate that novel at age 15, anyway?!




9. The last thing you read on the internet was the Wikipedia page of Brie cheese.


(Oh wait…Actually, I think this one just applies to me…)






10. When you drunk text, you just say, “Hey,” and wait for a response.  When you don’t get one, you don’t follow up or say anything humiliating/emotional/brutally honest yet humiliating.



But if they respond the next day, you still lie and say, “Oh my bad, that wasn’t for you.”




11. You think about budgeting/saving all of the time.  You haven’t exactly done it yet, but you spend a lot of time thinking about it, so you must be on the right track!



You’re not quite ready to accept the fact that it’s not okay to spend $200 on alcohol a month…But if you just eat soup for the next 3 years, maybe you can take that trip to Ireland!





12. When someone doesn’t text you back for a long time, you don’t completely freak out and over-analyze it.

They were obviously driving or someone called them or they were Googling soft cheeses for a few hours.




13. You wake up before 11am on the weekends, even when you don’t have to do anything.


I mean, really, that is impressive.  Seriously, so adult.



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