College Rejection Tactics Getting Harsher

Posted by Jillian Madison on July 28, 2011

According to US News & World Reports, College admissions officers are “jazzing up their acceptance notifications” by sending out tubes of confetti, t-shirts, and/or internet links to videos of fireworks, in an effort to inspire loyalty and school pride.

The report also states rejections are changing too, and they’re much harsher than they were when I was in college not that long ago:



1. Rutgers – using jumbotrons to break bad news to students

2. Fordham – hiring the homeless guy outside the library to hold rejection signs

3. NYU – putting people on blast in Times Square.

4. A lovely postcard from theĀ  University of Miami Hurricanes.

5. Bad news for Sara and her non-future at the University of Kentucky.

6. USC knows right where its rejected applicant pool will end up.

7. The University of Texas resorts to custom made Monopoly playing cards.

8. MIT – sending out the sobering reality on a computer chip.

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