The Bachelorette Ep. 3: Discuss!

Posted by Georgie on June 11, 2013

Okay, so last night’s episode was filled with scripted (and some unscripted) drama and it was delightful.


So here are my thoughts on a few of the contestants thus far:


1. Bryden:  Bryden is sweet but extremely reserved.  If he’s a passionate guy, he should start showing it by being a bit cheekier/more forward.  You’re strong and sweet and can be playful, we get it.  But seriously, let loose more!



2.  Brooks: He’s gonna win the show.  Er, I mean Desiree’s heart.  He’s sweet, fun, outgoing, and very kind.  I think she already has her heart set on him.  Also, so far he hasn’t complained about Ben much which is awesome.  (My new process of elimination: If you complain about Ben, I am so over you)



3. Mikey T. : You are too beefy to be bitching about Ben going after Desiree so much.  Seriously, you talk about Ben more than you talk about the girl you’re supposedly there to be with.  Who cares if he steals her away?  Steal her back, then, you silly macho man.  Either way, I don’t think he’s in the same league as Brooks or Drew or Ben, anyway…



4. Michael G: You also need to stop complaining about Ben.  And the “I have Diabetes type I” thing was an odd move.  Why are they all trying to win her over by trying to “out-sob” each other? It’s almost silly… (Not the disease, but the fact that everyone is using their sob story in a desperate attempt to make this woman “sympathy-love” them.  So strange…)



5. Juan Pablo:  Girl, take him to the fantasy sweet and the top 4 and then passionately kiss him goodbye.  And then send him to me.  As much as I love Juan Pablo, come on–he’s not going to marry this girl.  I think he’s actually way too much fun for her.



6. Drew: I looooooove Drew.  I can see it coming down to him and Brooks.  So far he’s come across as too shy/nervous, though.  He needs to come out of his shell and be a bit more confident (as he should be, because he’s ADORABLE.)



7. Brandon: Awwwww, poor Brandon :(  You are insanely good-looking, you just fell too deep for this girl you don’t know at all.  Like, at all.  And it got kinda weird when you told her you were falling in love with her, without actually having more than a few conversations with her.  But no doubt you will find a lovely lady on the outside.  (Maybe hold back the emotion and see where things go for a while, first… I respect the vulnerability, but seriously this woman was basically a stranger to you.)




8. Ben: What is with all of the guys hating on Ben?  Okay, yeah, he stole Desiree away and tried to get more one-on-one time with her than the other guys…SO WHAT? Isn’t that what you’d do in real life if you wanted a woman?  You’d try to steal her away any chance you got, right?  I mean, no one is there to “make friends,” and he seems perfectly cordial otherwise (albeit slightly arrogant, but I’m hoping he’s just throwing down the charm too much but will be shown to be genuine as the show goes on.)  I think the jealousy coming from the other guys is pretty ridiculous, and if they want to fight, they should fight fire with fire and go after the girl themselves instead of bitching about some other guy doing it.  I don’t love Ben, but I’m interested to see more of him. Wait, I take that back.  I just read that his favorite movies are Avatar and Transformers?  No….




9. Desiree: Meh, her personality seems mostly contrived to me.  I don’t dislike her, I think she’s nice/fine, but I just think everything she says is trying too hard to be this ideal woman.  She somehow seems to be exaggerating about how much of a “fun girl” she is, too.  Like, it doesn’t actually look like she’s truly enjoying herself most of the time.  I dunno.  But if she says “I feel like a princess,” “This is a fairytale,” or “I want someone who’s here for the right reasons,” one more time, I’m going to have to choke out my TV.  But I probably won’t even get to that point, because The Bachelorette Drinking Game is so deadly, I’ll have passed out before she hands out the first rose.


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