10 Dramatic Celebrity Photoshop Transformations, As Told In Gifs

Posted by Lyndsey on June 14, 2013

It’s no secret that magazines go heavy on the Photoshopping before publishing pictures of celebrities. Yet, it still is interesting to see just what lengths they go to —on top of professional makeup, hair and lighting— to mold these humans into an unrealistic ideal rather than letting them show their teensy “flaws” and/or age gracefully (ahem, Madonna…though, she does look pretty scary in her “before,” I admit). Sure, brightening up a photo and adjusting the saturation etc makes for a much more pleasant viewing experience, but is it necessary to change the size of a person’s already skinny enough rib cage?

What do you think?


Keira Knightly

Megan Fox


George Clooney

Penelope Cruz

Katy Perry



Kelly Clarkson

Jennifer Lawrence

Taylor Lautner


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