Hero Saves Cat From Boa Constrictor With His Bare Hands (Video)

Posted by Blaaaarg on June 17, 2013

Warning, the video above is graphic, but it has a happy ending… unless you hate cats, in which case it’s a sad ending, I guess.

While the Internet might love cats, Mother Nature ain’t got time for that. One animal lives, and another dies. That’s the way it goes.

Take for example, this boa constrictor who was looking to have a cat for lunch. Normally, this kitty would be chasing mice in heaven. But luckily, some dudes with a camera were in the mood to make themselves Internet famous. So when they happened upon the hapless feline being strangled by the snake, they stepped in and saved the kitty from certain doom. And from the looks of it, they didn’t even have to kill the snake. That’s Internet gold, right there.

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