The Most Awkward Photos Ever Taken at The Beach

Posted by Georgie on June 17, 2013

I think we should leave the whole “sensuality at the beach” thing to Chris Isaak, America.  Speaking of which, this gallery will be 100% funnier if you listen to “Wicked Game” as you scroll:












Technically this is at the pool, but it’s too awkward to not be on this list:



And the celebrity bonus: Emma Watson starring in “Harry Potter and the Wrong Placement at the Wrong Time.” (Or should I say, Wong Placement…yes, I know.  I’ll show myself out.)

It’s a foot, I swear…


Note: After listening to “Wicked Game,” I’ve just realized that Chris Isaak was Lana Del Rey before Lana Del Rey was Lana Del Rey/A woman.

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