WTFashion Friday: 10 Hilarious Gifs Of Models Falling

Posted by Lyndsey on July 12, 2013

Poor models. Who says they don’t have it tough? Have you ever tried walking in their shoes? Even they can’t manage it—and it’s their job! Lucky for us, people with too much time on their hands have made gifs of these moments when the aspiring and established have hilariously eaten some serious shit mid-strut.

But, maybe it’s too mean to laugh at their ankle wobbles and flat-on-the-ass falls?


Nah. Here are some of my faves:

If even the great Naomi Campbell couldn’t hang in those ginormously tall Vivienne Westwoods, the rest of these chicks hardly stand a chance.



A Black Swan moment? This is self-sabotage if I’ve ever seen it—look at her right foot before she knee-dives onto the floor.


You got it, you got it.


“Here’s my sexy ‘ehhhhh.’” Then into the drink. I also love that the male model keeps charging down the runway. “The show must go on!” He’s very professional.




Swinging pendulums knocking someone over? Quelle surprise!  Thanks America’s Next Top Model for creating the most absurd circumstances, and in turn, funniest runway fails ever! I mean, have you ever seen anything so ridiculous?



Schadenfreude seems less bad when we feel it towards beautiful people who get paid to walk on a pedestal, doesn’t it? Muhahahaha.

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