The Cast of “The Sandlot” Are On a Reunion Tour

Posted by Georgie on July 24, 2013

The cast of “The Sandlot” have reunited to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary, minus the actors who played Smalls and Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez.  (You know, the two main characters who we love as much as Squintz loved Wendy Peppercorn!)


The rest of the cast visited Salt Lake City this week, where they hung out with fans and took pictures from the field where much of the movie was filmed.


This is only the beginning of the 20th Anniversary “Sandlot” Tour, which is being led by the film’s director, David Micky Evans.





“Heroes are remembered, but legends never die…”






The Sandlot tour will continue through the summer, stopping in Los Angeles, Dayton, Ohio, and Omaha, Nebraska.


I, for one, will loveThe Sandlot





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