11 Signs You’re the George Costanza of Your Friend Group…

Posted by Georgie on June 19, 2014


1. You know those people who are honest no matter what?  You are not one of those people.





2. You’re comfortable with how uncomfortable you are as a human being…





3. You set unrealistic goals for yourself (ie: “I’m going to have the body of Emily Blunt this summer!”), and you never, ever meet them…





4. You stand up for yourself.  You do a poor job of it, but at least you (sometimes) do it…





5.  Everybody needs to like you.  You must be liked.  When you find out that someone doesn’t like you, it basically turns you into an insane person who can’t accept it.





6. You’re not a real adult.  You’re just not.





7. You have a lot to offer the opposite sex.  Probably too much, which is why you are single.





8. You have the same amount of self-esteem that a sloth would have if they ever looked in front of a mirror alongside Brad Pitt.





9. You’re almost cheerful about how self-aware you really are.





10. Despite all of the above, you like yourself just as you are.  (Some days).




11.  Your friends find your neurotic ways and hilariously self-aware and self-deprecating jokes charming, which is why they love you.




Cheers to being the George Costanza in your friend group!  (Hey, it’s a step up from being the Kramer, and we all know who the Kramer in our friend group is...we’re all looking at you, Steve…)

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