WTFashion Friday: Join The Bidding War For Walter White’s Underwear

Posted by Lyndsey on September 20, 2013


Soon Breaking Bad super fans can own a piece of (slightly used) television history—Walt’s signature, screen-worn undies are on auction with a starting bid of $250 at


From Screenbid:


Breaking Bad begins its run with Walter White wearing this pair of briefs. Throughout the series, Bryan Cranston’s character appears in tighty-whiteys. This underwear, now on display at the Museum of Moving Images, is the pair Walt wore on the first episode of the Emmy-winning show. Walt’s tighty-whiteys are an iconic, key part of Breaking Bad. They will remain at the museum until the exhibit is over, and will be shipped after Oct. 27, when the exhibit ends. They are important enough to be in a museum, and will be a treasured addition to any collection.”


It would definitely be a quirky, hilarious piece of memorabilia to  own if they hadn’t actually cradled a pair of human balls, without ever being washed. Even famous balls are still just balls. It’s kind of perv, right?

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