WTFashion Fridays: No Underwear Is So Hot Right Now

Posted by Lyndsey on November 8, 2013

This week, red carpet fashion taught us that when pushing the envelope, sometimes less really just is more…attention.



I guess you can’t blame British lingerie model Abbey Clancy for choosing to wear this custom impossible-to-wear-with-ANY-underwear-at-all Union Jack dress by Julien Macdonald. I mean, when you wear underwear for a living, sometimes you just need a break to let the girls breathe, you know?


It must also be said that being able to see side boob from the front like this is super impressive; so much so, in fact, that it warrants its own name: side boob + front boob = fried boob? I really hope that catches on.




Jaimie Alexander‘s Azzaro Couture dress that she wore to the Thor premiere is actually really cool. If you pretend not to be distracted by the possibility of a major wardrobe malfunction, the cutouts have almost an Op Art effect, which makes you feel less like a pervert for staring at it, and more like a sophisticated appreciator of the arts. “Are those headless James Bond lady silhouettes or perhaps a subtle homage to the seminal cutouts done by Matisse? Oh, she’s not wearing underwear? Hmm, I didn’t notice…”


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