The Ultimate “Love Actually” Drinking Game

Posted by Georgie on December 12, 2014

In honor of the holiday season, (or as I officially refer to it– “Love Actually Season”) and because Love Actually is the movie that taught your cold, English blogger how to feel, I’ve created “The Ultimate Love Actually Drinking Game!



Here are the Rules to The Ultimate Love Actually Drinking Game:


Drink every time…


1. “Christmas is All Around” is played or mentioned.



2. The Prime Minister feels awkward


3. Colin hits on a woman or talks about being a sex god.



4. John and Judy are in a sexual position.


5. Someone alludes to Natalie being “fat.”



6. Sarah’s mobile rings.


7.  Karen (Emma Thompson) says something sarcastically.



8. Daniel (Liam Neeson) mentions Claudia Schiffer.


9. Sam is melancholy over being in love.



10. Yell “CARL!” (pronounced: “Corol”) whenever Mark (Andrew Lincoln) is in a scene with Juliette (Keira Knightly). ¬†Whoever yells last has to take a shot.


11. Billy Mack makes fun of his fat manager.


12. The evil secretary, Mia, is painfully and uncomfortably obvious about how much she wants to bang Snape.


13. Jamie (Colin Firth) is self-deprecating about himself or his work.


14. Sarah has a “freak out” about Karl.



15. The Prime Minister’s copper proves to be a phenomenal Christmas Caroler.


16. For every sea creature/Spiderman-face present at the birth of Jesus in the Nativity play.


17. Someone cries.



18. You cry.


Pour one out…


1. When Dido plays during Marks’ most painful moment.


2. When the children scream, “I hate uncle Jamie!”


Chug when…


1. The Prime Minister gives his epic speech about Britain.


2. Billy Finds out he’s Number 1!


3. Your favorite love story reaches it’s climax. (Ex: Sam and Daniel’s airport hug/ “To Me, You’re Perfect”/ Jamie’s proposal to Aurelia, etc.)




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