The Home Alone Drinking Game!

Posted by Georgie on December 11, 2013


“I’m gonna give you to the count of 10, to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister drunk off my drinking game…”



Suggested Drink:  The “Fuller!  Go easy on the Pepsi and Rum!”



2 ounces Rum

2 ounces Pepsi

1 Splash of Fuller Adorable Awkwardness



The Ultimate Home Alone Drinking Game!


Drink every time…


1. A family member insults Kevin.


2. Harry’s gold tooth twinkles.


3. Buzz’s tarantula or the Michael Jordan cut-out appear.


4. Marv says “Wet Bandits.”


5. Kevin talks out loud to himself.


6. Harry fake curses.


7. Old Man Marley looks menacing.


8. Anytime Harry or Marv get hurt.


9. John Candy says “Polka.”


10. Kevin mischievously breaks the fourth wall (by looking directly at the camera/audience.)



Take a shot of rum when….


1. Kate (Kevin’s mom) realizes she forgot Kevin.


2. Gangster Johnny says “Keep the change ya filthy animal.”


3. Marley talks about his granddaughter


4. Kevin faces the “evil furnace.”





1. Whenever anyone screams (Kevin, Marv, Kevin’s mom, etc.)  Don’t stop chugging until they stop screaming.



Enjoy and drink responsibly!!

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