The 10 Best Memes and Viral Hits of 2013!

Posted by Georgie on December 18, 2013

Memes!  The bane of my existence, the bread and butter on my table!  I do love memes, and there have been some really solidly hilarious ones forged this year.  Some are one-hit-wonders, some are the gif that keep on gif-ing, and some are just downright sad!  Here are my ten favorites from this past year…



10. “AAAAAAND” South Park Meme


Because everyone in the world can use and relate to this meme.





9. The kid who wore the wrong shirt to picture day…


Because the look on his face says, “I did this on purpose because I’ve seen the future and I will one day be king of the Internet.”




8. Unflattering Beyonce


Because even the most beautiful and talented woman in the world can pull a derp face, and that’s a comforting feeling.





7. Starbucks Drake Hands


Because this is the most narcissistic yet hilarious thing to happen all year, and it inspired thousands of amazing parodies.  (Also, I interviewed this guy for, and I will be sharing that video this Friday…)




6. Doge




Because this is the most random thing that absolutely everyone on the internet jumped on.




5. Singing Goats Remix


Because this needs no explanation.




4. Damn You Autocorrect








Because all of us still experience at least one embarrassing autocorrect every week with these so-called “smartphones.”  Check out all of DYAC’s best autocorrects here!




3. Seth Rogen and James Franco’s “Bound 2″ Parody


Because they spoofed Kanye West’s video shot-for-shot, which is f*cking impressive.




2. Art History Snapchats




Because art was meant to be funny.




1. Wrecking Ball Chatroulette Guy


Steve Kardynal won the internet this year with this viral hit — with 84,866,313 views AND COUNTING.  And he deserves every single view…


He clearly never misses “butt day” at the gym…



 What did we miss on the list?!  Let us know in the comments below what your favorite meme or viral hit was this year!!!



(Special note: I realize I didn’t add “Harlem Shake,” “Twerking,” or anything to do with political or celeb scandals.  This was on purpose, because I don’t like any of these things.  Thank you.)

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