Jason Schwartzmann’s “Thor” Audition Tape

Posted by Georgie on December 30, 2013

How did Chris Hemsworth get the role of Thor?  I have no idea, because after seeing this amazing audition tape of Jason Schwartzmann playing the hammer-holding Avenger, I feel like Hemsworth must have had to perform some serious “love acts” on Joss Whedon to win the part over him…



This is one of those situations where type casting makes a whole lot of sense.  But hey, if there is ever a super-villain in the franchise who’s power is being “charmingly hairy and awkward,” Jason is clearly the actor to call.  (Which is probably why Wes Anderson writes love sonnets parts for him so often.)


I’d like to audition to play Loki’s girlfriend.  In real life.

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