These Talking Eggs Will Be The Best 9 Seconds of Your Day

Posted by Georgie on January 3, 2014

And by best, I mean “most useless, yet mildly enjoyable.”



Now every time you make eggs, you can have 100% more fun!  And also make your significant other question your mental state in the process! And then, when they express their concern, you can scream, “Oh come on, Karen!  You’ve got to be yolking me!  Ha! Get it?  Yolking me, because it rhymes with joking?  Karen?  Sweetie?  Where are you going?  Why are you getting the big suitcase?  NO KAREN NO!  PLEASE!  DAMMIT NOW I’VE BURNED MY EGGS!”


Better than the third season of Homeland.  #Burn #HardBoiledJokes

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