30 Life Hacks Debunked!

Posted by Georgie on January 9, 2014

Last week, I posted an article called “Life Hacks for People Who Have Already Given Up on Life!”  Over 57,000 of you found it useful (or just felt the need to click on it because you related to the “given up on life” part).   Thus, at least 57,000 of you will appreciate and enjoy this video from Mental Floss, which tests many of the life hacks shared in that article!



Which one of these life hacks will you use?  Let us know in the comments below!  (If anyone needs me, I’ve got some chopsticks and Cheetos to purchase…)


So you’re sayin’ I can have sultry eyes AND sneak in booze without having to carry around a bottle opener in my purse?!  SEXY ALCOHOLICS, UNITE!!!



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