Broad City: The Drinking Game!

Posted by Georgie on January 22, 2014

Broad City premieres TONIGHT on Comedy Central 10:30/9:30C.  I’ve  seen the first episode and I already know that this is going to be my new favorite show to watch, which is why I’ve written The Broad City Drinking Game to celebrate!  Play along with me and tweet with the hashtag #BroadCity every time you drank!


Broad City: The Drinking Game



Take a drink every time…



1. Abbi and Ilana talk via Skype.


2. Abbi is holding her purple dildo.


3. Abbi talks about her cashew stir fry.


4. Ilana talks about Lil Wayne or says “Wheezy.”


5. Ilana speaks in an accent.


6. Lincoln discusses the “status” of his and Ilana’s relationship.


7. Anyone references another TV show, film, or character in pop culture.


8. Abbi’s boss performs the Namaste bow.


9. A plan to get cash for “The Wheezy Fund” fails.


10. You’ve been to one of the locations in New York they’re at.



Chug (or take a shot) when…



1. Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” plays. (*Yes, that is the first thing that happens in the episode.  I’m assuming you’re a baller and can handle this shit.)


2. Abbi talks to her hot neighbor in slow motion.  Don’t stop chugging until he she stops.


3. Whenever someone uses the office supplies gift card as a form of payment for something that is not office supplies.


4. Fred Armisen’s character creeps you the f*ck out (because he definitely will).


5. Switch cups with your friend when Abbi and Ilana are drinking together.  ‘CUZ BAD BITCHES DRINK OUT OF EACH OTHER’S CUPS!




Don’t forget to order pizza, bitches!



Remember to drink responsibly and tweet @Pophangover with #BroadCity every time you drink!

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