This Woman is Better at Snapchat Than You Are at Anything…

Posted by Georgie on January 24, 2014

Janine Doherty is a graphic designer for Fashion Snoops, but in her spare time she likes to create colorful masterpieces through Snapchat — the app that lets you send pictures you can write & draw on to friends, that only last 10 seconds before they basically “self-destruct.”  The fact that Snapchat is primarily used to send toilet-selfies and dick pics (at least, in my experience), makes the following works of art even more impressive.


Also keep in mind that all of these are done with her finger.  Can you do anything this creative with your finger?!  Wait…please don’t answer that…

















Check out more of Janine’s work on Instagram!



Which one is your fave?  Let us know in the comments!  (Also, if you have awesome Snapchats yourself, send them to Picsauce and I’ll post them!  But no dicks, please.  I’m already chock-a-block full of dicks in my inbox…  That’s what she said.)

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