The 5 Best Snack Foods for Super Bowl Weekend!

Posted by Georgie on January 29, 2014

The Super Bowl is this weekend!  Whether you’re into football or not, you are probably definitely into food!  (I know this, because otherwise who are youGet off this blog, food-hater!)  I’ve done some digging to find THE MOST FUN AND DELICIOUS Super Bowl inspired snacks you can make, that will ensure that you win the Mouth Super Bowl at your party!


Mmm… “The Mouth Super Bowl.”  I’m going to make that a thing.



1. Avocado BLT


Recipe HERE.




2. Tailgate Sliders


Recipe HERE.




3. Pizza Pinwheels


Recipe HERE.




4. Bacon and Cream Cheese Rollups


Recipe HERE.




5. Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries


Recipe HERE.



All I have to say is…


I am going to intercept all of these recipes… with my mouth.



Got a recipe for the Super Bowl that you’re dying to share?!  Leave it in the comments!!

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