Celeb News Roundup! 2/5/14 Selena Gomez Went to Rehab + More!

Posted by Georgie on February 5, 2014




DMX (the rapper) will fight George Zimmerman (the asshole) in a Celebrity Boxing Match, and I think we all know whose side we’re all on…


D. M. X.




Justin Bieber‘s dad is trying to compete with Michael Lohan for the “Worst Dad Ever” award, with lots of disruptive father-son pot smoking on a plane.  You know, that big metal thing in the sky that YOU SHOULD PROBABLY NOT SMOKE POT WITH YOUR SON ON.





These 13 co-star couples took their time getting romantic.  I should probably learn something from these celebs and stop texting “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” after the first drink.  While I’m still on the date.





Selena Gomez went to rehab for two weeks last month, BUT IT WASN’T FOR ALCOHOL OR DRUGS SHE IS STILL A VERY GOOD GIRL, OKAY?!!  She went for exhaustion, according to her reps.  I’d be exhausted, too, if my ex-boyfriend was the most hated and most beloved man in the world, depending on which 12-year-old you’re talking to…


We wish her well and hope that she’s not still texting the nipple biter.


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