The Weirdest Google Searches Illustrated

Posted by Georgie on February 6, 2014

As you may have noticed, when you start typing a search into Google, Google does this magically adorable thing where it automatically finishes your sentences.  (This is fitting, because most of us are in a more secure relationship with Google than any humanoids in our lives.  Google will never leave me.  I will never leave Google.)


As awesome a lover search engine Google is, it does this automatic-fill-in by using “most searched” phrases.  For example, when I type in “Ryan Gosling loves…”  here are the options Google gives me to finish my sentence with:



I’m still not in the top 4, but I’m hoping to beat “libraries” by 2015.




College Humor illustrated some of the weirdest Google searches, and the results are beautiful works of WTF?! art…










Americans don’t think Obama is a cactus.  Americans know Obama is a cactus.  (That’s why we demanded to see the birth certificate. #WeThePeople)

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