Watch What Happens When a White Guy and a Black Guy Commit the Same Crime, Minutes Apart

Posted by Georgie on February 19, 2014

A white guy breaks into a car.  A black guy breaks into a car– the same car– moments later.  Can you guess what happened?


It’s really sad because you can, can’t you?


“Simple Misfits” is a new YouTube channel, that seems to have to goal of shedding light on basically how messed up and racist society and the police force are through social experiments.  It’s a great way to hold a mirror up to the world.  A mirror that says, “Hey, society!  You have not come as far along in race relations as you like to think you have.  SEE?!”


This makes me angry…

In conclusion…

Nice job, society.  Nice job being complete and utter racist knobheads.


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