The 10 Worst Kids Hairstyles Ever

Posted by Lyndsey on April 3, 2014

Kids have bad hair days too (or in some cases, bad hair years), and we’ve all had them, whether by nature or by choice.  But then…then there are those that are worthy of the history books, the  all-time worst kids hairstyles ever. Not all of us can count ourselves among these poor souls, whose childhood is clearly marred with regret and resentment towards the parents who let them out of the house like this. Or worse—who made them get these terrible haircuts in the first place. Or even WORSE, those whose mothers made them get THE EXACT SAME terrible haircut that she had. And then took photos of it.


Whatever the case may be, let us all hope we can do better by our own children—and that includes helping them make good hair choices, people. Because if they don’t, they’ll get made fun of on the internet. Just. Like. This.



"The Wave"


Baby Helmet Hair















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