5 Delicious Cinco de Mayo Recipes So Easy, Even YOU Can Do Them…

Posted by Georgie on May 2, 2014

Cinco de Mayo is upon us!  I don’t usually share recipes on Pophangover, but that’s mostly because I’m the type of person who prefers to eat other peoples’ homemade creations, than put in the effort to make them myself.


That being said, I just don’t think store-bought chips and guacamole are gonna cut it this year.  So, because I’m a half-adult now, I’ve decided to go searching for some recipes that will make me look like I’ve got my shit together for once!*


*The “Wow, Georgie’s really got her shit together for once!” thing will undoubtedly unravel 30 minutes into any party I attend.  Because margaritas.  But hey, progress is progress!  RIGHT, NIXON?!






1.  Mexican Flag Strawberries


All you have to do is buy the shit and dip it, basically!  If you’ve even eaten Dunkaroos, you can do this recipe!  (If you’ve never eaten Dunkaroos, get out of my blog, you asshole.)



2. Taco Cups


These are slightly harder to do than just “dipping,” but totally worth it!  You know, like all the effort you put into that cute girl in high school, only to get friend-zoned for 8 months before you gave up and she got pregnant by Bobby on the football team!  Except these are way better than that, because all of your effort with these taco cups will pay off!  Know why?  Because they can’t run away from your mouth with the better looking kid, even if they want to. (*Note: These are called “skinny taco cups,” but nothing has to be skinny if you eat enough of them, Diane.)


3. Margarita Ice Pops


Do I even need to give you a reason why you should make these?  If you want people to like you, make these.  If you don’t want people to like you, friendly reminder punk is dead.



4. Mexican Breakfast Lasagna


Cheese?  Did someone say LAYERS UPON LAYERS OF CHEEEEEEEEESE????!!!!!  This recipe should come with a life insurance policy, because I can feel my arteries clogging up just looking at this glorious egg cake and I am not covered for “death by brunch.”




5. Individual Seven Layer Dip Cups


Guys, I had to actually go to Fox News’ website to get this recipe.  That’s how good this shit is.




Well, that’s every single recipe you could ever want in your life for this Cinco de Mayo holiday!  Drive safe out there, and don’t hit any “pinatas” unless THEY ARE DEFINITELY PINATAS.  Jail doesn’t take holidays, people.

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