When It Comes To Public Toilets, Should You Hover Or Cover?

Posted by Leslie Simon on June 17, 2014


While some people might complain that Jezebel—a somewhat controversial site that boasts the tagline “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion For Women. Without Airbrushing”—is the kind of pro-female online outlet that takes the wrong approach to feminism, we couldn’t help but commend them from posting the following item that’s both insightful AND educational: ”Does Hovering Over The Toilet Seat Protect You From Ass Infections?”




Ultimately, here’s the decision they came up with:


No, you don’t need to hover. Stop it. Stop it right now. Do something with your life. Take a macrame class. Learn how to propel a gondola. Raise a hamster farm. Anything.


Oh, they also posted a handy-dandy video to accompany the piece, in case the above explanation doesn’t meet your hypochondriac needs.



You learn something new every day.


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