According To E!, The “Perfect Female Celeb” Looks Like Frankenstein’s Freaky Ex-Wife

Posted by Leslie Simon on June 24, 2014


Based on absolutely zero scientific information, the good doctors at E!—more specifically, on the channel’s plastic surgery show, Botched—have concocted the following order of body parts to create the perfect female celeb.


Again, according to a completely unscientific online poll, the ideal silver-screen siren’s body includes the following:


- Carrie Underwood‘s hair


- Mila Kunis‘ eyes


- Jessica Alba‘s smile


- Sofia Vergara‘s boobs


- Rihanna‘s abs


- Gabrielle Union‘s arms


- Blake Lively‘s legs


The result is the following “Little Shop of Horrors”-esque collage:



Terrifying, right? Our apologies in advance for any nightmares this image may cause.

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