WTFashion: David Lynch—Women’s Workout Designer. Sort Of. Huh?

Posted by Lyndsey on July 18, 2014

Director, writer, photographer, coffee roaster, weather reporter, electronic musician and producer—why the hell wouldn’t David Lynch become a women’s workout clothing designer eventually, too? No stranger to, well, the stranger (and a genius I might add), Lynch has been an avid practitioner of Transcendental Meditation every day since 1973, so you might say teaming up with luxury yoga et al activewear brand Live The Process has been a project in making for some 40 odd years.


The limited-edition David Lynch Live The Process collection is simple, consisting of six pieces (a few styles of sports bras and leggings, all in the same floral print) and shockingly normal. There’s really nothing Lynchian about it, which may in itself be what is Lynchian about it. Lynch does love throwing us for a loop.


Now, to be perfectly honest, it’s unclear how involved Lynch actually was in the whole process, as model Alyssa Miller (pictured) is cited as the main collaborator on the Live The Process website. But, believing that an auteur of Lynch’s magnitude would be able to keep his hands completely off any project that bears his name is very, very dubious. Either way, it feels like a joke that’s gonna be on us, no?


What definitely is not a joke is the pricing; this T-shirt is $150:


BUT.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit victims of abuse, and your order comes with this complimentary gym clutch.


Yes. Gym clutch. Is it me, or does this whole thing just keep getting weirder and weirder?


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